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Segafredo Kaffee: a young coffee manufacturer with a focus on gastronomy

The coffee manufacturer Segafredo Zanetti is one of the younger coffee giants of our time. The cornerstone for his now well-known coffee company, which was founded in 1973, writes its own history. The Italian coffee manufacturer now supplies over 70,000 customers worldwide and has become number 1, especially for the catering sector. Of course, the goal of this company is to sell a high-quality product of the highest quality on the market, from cultivation to the finished cup of coffee at the customer. Passion and experience are the essential cornerstones of an Italian coffee.

Segafredo coffee beans – home-grown Italian coffee

The well-known retail company based in Italy manages its own coffee plantations in large Brazil. With now eight roasting plants, Segafredo has reached a considerable size, which suggests many years of experience and a deep tradition. Segafredo produces different types of coffee. Coffee pods, ground coffee and espresso are also in the range. Segafredo produces the coffee exclusively on its own plantations and thus has primary control over the ingredients. The mixtures are typically Italian, with a full-bodied and noble aroma. If you would like to buy Segafredo coffee, simply have it delivered.

Segafredo coffee range: traditional roasting process

Today, Segafredo is one of the coffee roasters in the world that organizes the entire manufacturing process itself. The art of roasting is made according to an old recipe from Veneto. Robusta and Arabica beans from the best growing areas are mixed and gently roasted intensively. Segafredo is known for its full-bodied aroma and complex taste. It is the intense aroma that is very well received by coffee customers. The stronger and more intensive the roasting process, the more full-bodied the coffee. It's no secret that coffee with a more intense armor contains a lower percentage of acidic substances. After the classic roasting process, the beans lose moisture and change color so that they end up dark brown. Segafredo Zanetti's recipe for success is to meet the highest standards. This was the only way to become the market leader in the catering sector.

Segafredo espresso

A true Italian with a full-bodied aroma. Those who like to enjoy their coffee outdoors are welcome to inquire about which coffee they can get from the service. It is not uncommon for it to be Segafredo Espresso with its intense, multi-layered aroma. A strong coffee with a relatively low proportion of acid and bitter substances. This delicious, unmistakable Italian is of course also a true hero in the office and at home. It awakens tired spirits and puts all connoisseurs in a good mood. Share this popular friend with your family or friends. Our Espresso Selezione CREMA has a great price-performance ratio and includes Segafredo's recipe for success.