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Lazarro coffee as an alternative to Italian coffee

The name Lazarro is known from the Italian monastery island of San Lazarro. Despite the Italian name, the coffee is not sold in Italy. Rather, the espresso beans from Lazarro are an inexpensive alternative to Italian coffee. Lazarro coffee is commonly available in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

In addition to its tasty coffee beans, this delicious Italian alternative also has a fantastic espresso blend ready for you. It is the blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. The price/performance ratio is impressive. Would you like to try Lazarro coffee? Then just have it delivered!

Lazarro Crema Schümli coffee beans are particularly popular. This well-known Schümli variation is gently roasted for a long time and is therefore easier on the stomach. The reduction in acidity and bitterness makes it mild and digestible. Just perfect for the whole day.