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Minge's coffee

Tradition from Northern Bavaria

The entrepreneur Fritz Minges founded his own small grocery store with its own coffee roasting plant in 1932. To this day, this traditionally run coffee company is in the hands of the Minges dynasty. In the third generation, this warm, traditional business is being developed further. The coffee beans are gently roasted using the popular drum roasting process. This creates a complex aroma in a low-acid environment. With this process, many bitter and acidic components are gently removed. In addition to your gentle drum roasting, the monsooning process is used. This coffee processing method is used in India, where the green coffee is exposed to monsoon winds and rain to maturely change its character. The coffee beans are stored in open warehouses and then further processed. This special process has an additional positive effect on the degree of strength. Despite the full aroma, the coffee is noticeably milder and more digestible.

Beetle Coffee

Since 2007, Minges has had a license for the currently popular Käfer coffee. This year Minges celebrated its 75th anniversary in the third generation. Since then, a new wave of international success has begun. The result was a further expansion of the company to a new level.

Minges coffee: quality and tradition always in the foreground

Although Minges is not one of the best-known brands, its range of products is in no way inferior to the large coffee manufacturers. In addition to the wide range of coffee beans, espresso, filter coffee and coffee pods, the portfolio of this family business has been expanded to include the following brands: Feinkost Käfer coffee, Padinies coffee and Pepes coffee. In addition, German supermarkets are supplied, which have their own label due to the large purchase quantities. Now the popularity and size of the manufacturer Minges is becoming clear.

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Behind Minges there is an enormous potential of know-how. The price is more than fair and is often used by restaurateurs to spoil their coffee lovers. Would you also like to buy Minge's coffee? Then simply have your coffee delivered by us. From a certain amount you even get a volume discount! What are you waiting for. The full-bodied Minges coffee is ready for you here in the warehouse.