1kg Melitta BellaCrema espresso beans

More Information
Brand Melitta
Type of coffee Espresso
Product Coffee beans
Weight 1000 gr
Expiration date 30 Jun 2022
Country of origin Germany
Quick Overview
1kg Melitta BellaCrema espresso beans. With spicy aromatic flavor and fine caramel-colored crema. 100% Arabica beans.
100% best selected Arabica beans. Many swear by these beans and are always on the safe side with Melitta. The multi-layered flavor of these espresso beans with a deep draft is unmistakable. This selection of BellaCrema espresso is one of the strong roasts for special moments. The rich and full-bodied aroma awakens all spirits. Spicy intense flavor with caramel colored crema. The strict and regular controls by the management certainly ensure the highest standard and enjoyment.