1kg Caféclub Supercreme coffee beans Schweizer Schümli

More Information
Brand Cafeclub Supercreme
Type of coffee Coffee
Product Coffee beans
Weight 1000 gr
Expiration date 30 Jun 2022
Country of origin Netherlands
Quick Overview
1kg Caféclub Supercreme coffee beans Schweizer Schümli. These more gastro-friendly mixtures are low in acidity due to traditional drum roasting and have a lower content of bittering agents. High digestibility for every coffee lover.
This particular Schümli mixture is very digestible and is very much enjoyed by coffee-lovers, who attach importance to gastro-friendly coffee. With the well-known traditional drum roasting, the coffee beans are gently and slowly roasted, which reduces the acid content and the number of bitter substances. The well-known European manufacturer Caféclub fulfills exact guidelines to take on ecological and economic responsibility, which benefits all small-scale farmers, who work with us for the best coffee beans.